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Education and work experiences  

My name is Laura Brugnaro, I was born in Venice but I live in Pesaro with husband, son and daughter. In 2002 I had a degree in Translation at the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators, in Forlì , Bologna University. I have a specialization in terminology thanks to my terminological degree thesis on “The furniture field: a terminology glossary in Italian, French and English on the kitchen furniture” realized in cooperation with an Italian manufacturer (Aster Cucine, Pesaro).

For ten years I have been working as translator and as secretary in an important manufacturing industry, Bottero S.p.A.. I translated highly technological and specialized texts, such as machine user and maintenance manuals, machine software (CAD CAM type), instructions and procedures for service engineers for the installation, maintenance and servicing of the CNC machines and many other texts. I also dealt with more commercial texts (spare parts and service offers, notes for meetings of the Sales Department, advertisement and articles for field periodicals) and I often supported the service technicians during phone calls with foreign customers. This teamwork with the end users of the technology took me to know at technical level the product realized by the company.

As a secretary of the service department in close contact with customers and local branches from all over the world, I gained not only a full extent knowledge of the company inside dynamics, but also and especially of the relationships with customers and suppliers. I dealt with business correspondences, translation of offers for spare parts and services, purchase orders, issuing of transport documents and invoices, issuing of documents of shipments and shipments planning, complete follow-up of spare parts repair, support to the travelling personnel …

You could therefore say they I worked for the most demanding employer ever: the CUSTOMERS, which have on their turn deadlines to observe and other customers to satisfy… This knowledge I now place at the disposal of the small-medium companies searching a professional who can support them in their development towards the foreign countries.

My love for the foreign languages was born at high school, strengthened at university and renovates day by day as I travel, listen to songs, read books, watch movies … and do my job. 
It is based on the fascination I feel when I can see the other that lies behind and inside a foreign language: the different way the world is structured, the different way to express concepts, the different sonorities of the spoken language, the history and socio-linguistic evolutions that are different from us and that shaped the languages that I studied.
The natural evolution of this love is my work as a translator, that I perform with competency, devotion and passion. My Translation degree gave a solid foundation to my work, over which stand my experiences in different areas, from engineering to business, from historical-scientific articles to boating, from the glass to the furniture industry. 


My working languages are Italian, English and French.

My fields of expertise are the following:

- Engineering: in particular, the numerically controlled machines for the processing of stone and flat glass (long term employment on CNC manufacturer company) – translation of machine software, user manuals, instructions for service technicians and engineers, internal service documents 
- Glass industry : processing and tools used to process flat glass
- Stone industry: processing and tools used to process stone (marble, granite, synthetic stone) 
- Business and Sales : correspondence and contacts with foreign customers and suppliers – offers and orders confirmations, complaints, payment remainders, shipments organisation (long term employment on CNC manufacturing company)
- Furnishing: Degree thesis on the terminology of kitchen furniture 
- History: translation of chapters of an historical encyclopedia (DeAgostini- Gedea-Unesco )
- Boating: translation of price lists and business correspondence for a Yachts manufacturer

Rates and quotes
Each customer has different exigencies and characteristics, each project is unique and deserves to be carefully analyzed. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information you might need. Please send me your text for a tailored quote.  

                 Member of Proz

The language expert for small-medium companies

I put my education and experience as both professional translator and expert secretary at the service of the Italian small-medium companies needing to expand their business abroad or of the foreign companies wishing to enter the Italian market. 
Expanding the trade outside the national borders might be for some companies the only way to carry new life to their business. An effective communication is an essential element of this evolution.

What is an effective communication in business trade? 
When referring to trade, communication has to be linguistically correct, without terminological or grammar faults, well timed referring to deadlines and content efficient (not too much, it won’t be read; not too short, it will miss essential details). Losses of orders, customers and money due to wrong understanding of emails or wrong shipping terms are not so uncommon.

Which language shall be used to communicate in business trade?
It goes without saying that communicating in the customer’s own language would be preferential, given that the a.m. requisites of the effective communication are respected. It is widely known that that French companies love to use their own language even with foreign partners, and that an Italian small medium company might find encouraging to be able to communicate with you in Italian. 
As regards my service to the Italian companies, when using the customer’s own language is not feasible, I recommend English, being widely used in banking, trading and shipping. 

A company entering a foreign market should always be supported by a business language expert.

I remain at your disposal in case you need more information or a quote. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you need to issue sales documents (offers, business letters), translate your web-site or your price list or manage your communication with your foreign customers. 



Dott.ssa Laura Brugnaro
Via Bonini 183
61122 Pesaro- Italy
Phone 0039 328 1619231
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